Words of Delight

Arwel O'Sullivan
Bestselling author on Amazon

"A captivating story of an intense love between two people, which sadly but nonetheless sometimes may not be enough when the Universe has something else in store for them."

Otis Lees
Bestselling author on Amazon

"A thrilling and inspiring novel meant to encourage personal achievement. It literally devours you; it makes you want to read the next page."

Kristi Baldwin
Writer, Blogger

"A book that aims to spread the message of the importance of pursuing personal happiness and an increased awareness of our own selves."


What readers say:

"The perfect gift for any lover of books or anyone looking for an inspiring read!"

Asiyah Mclaughlin

"I read through the entire book. It was very interesting! I learned so much..."

Arnas Reeve

"A beautiful love story set in Spain."

Raife Grey

The stories were well written and interesting. I found myself drawn into the world of these characters. I am excited about the next installment!

Jadine Oneal

This was a new writer for me and a new story line which I will definitely be reading again. I liked how the plot focused more around the characters than the action scenes.

Maksymilian Leblanc

I guessed the villain from quite early on, and it did not at all impair my fun. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book by this author!

Reem Magana

A great read, beautifully written and full of interesting local information.

Charli Person

This is the second story of the book, my husband suggested I order another copy. He is very impressed with how much he likes it.

Rohit Shelton

Loved this book! Ashlea Bradley at her best.

Erin Kendall
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